• Bernie Sanders Has Misguided Plan To Save Journalism
    Sanders offers a scheme that would re-order the news business with taxes, cross-subsidies and trust-busting.
  • Salary Survey Shows Editorial Pay Hit 4-Year High Amid Gender Gap
    Male editors out-earned females who performed similar job duties. Women EICs earned 17% less than their male counterparts, per Folio's survey. Female MEs earned 14% less than males, while women associate editors were paid 24% less.
  • Tweets Come Back To Haunt 'New York Times,' CNN Journalists
    Remarkably, quite a few journalists see the social network as a safe space for bigoted remarks they regret only after being "exposed."
  • 'Atlantic' Revisits Paywall Launch After 18-Month Delay
    Publishers want site traffic and bigger scale to appeal to major advertisers, but it's difficult to compete with digital giants like Google and Facebook.
  • Uniqlo Debuts Print Magazine For Fall Collection
    Publishers may be faced with inexorable declines in ad pages, but some brands are still showing an appetite for custom-published magazines.
  • Google: Publishers Lose Half Of Ad Revenue From Cookie Blocking
    News publishers see an even steeper revenue loss of 62% as cookie-blocking prevents advertisers from reaching target audiences effectively.
  • Conde Nast Names Geneva Wasserman As SVP, Motion Pictures
    A lawyer and 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Wasserman was most recently cofounder-executive producer of production firm Project Z Entertainment.
  • 'The Wall Street Journal' Banks On Future Of Everything Festival
    'The Wall Street Journal 'boosted subscriptions and reached new, younger audiences with the expansion of its 'Future of Everything' magazine supplement into an annual three-day event.
  • Mark Halperin's Book Deal Meets Withering Media Barrage
    Regan Arts was set to announce Halperin's next book, "How to Beat Trump: America's Top Political Strategists on What It Will Take," when denunciations came fast and furious.
  • Report: Conde Nast CEO Lynch Sees Missed Revenue Target
    In a company conference, Roger Lynch said Conde Nast expects U.S. revenue growth of 0.3% this year, missing an earlier target of 4%.
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