• 'Knewz' Looks Better On Mobile, Which Is All That Matters
    Knewz's desktop site shows a jarring mix of headlines in varying font sizes that are more forbidding than inviting. Perhaps it's the garish yellow-and-black color scheme - resembling the tape police put around crime scenes.
  • Warren Buffett Unloads His Newspaper Business
    With Buffett's sale, the industry loses one more billionaire who once had a benevolent view of the newspapers.
  • 'WaPo' Was Wrong To Suspend Reporter Over Kobe Bryant Tweets
    The newspaper's decision undermines its responsibility to protect its editorial staff and their broader efforts to report on sexual abuse.
  • Conde Nast Drives Programmatic Ad Growth With Google
    The partnership with Google signals how the programmatic ad market is evolving from the common practice of selling discounted remnant ad inventory to the highest bidder.
  • U.S. Lacks Single News Source That People Trust
    Liberals and conservatives have vastly different opinions about the news, and only handful of outlets are considered somewhat trustworthy by both groups.
  • Podcast Deals Signal Latest Media Gold Rush
    Spotify's unconfirmed talks to buy The Ringer, a pop-culture media company started by Bill Simmons. The price tag is reportedly $200 million.
  • How Blockchain Technology Might Battle 'Fake News'
    "Deepfake" videos that swap out a person's face with someone else's are ripe for abuse in political propaganda, hate speech and pornography.
  • How Publishers Can Find Pockets Of Growth Amid Drop In Ad Spending
    While search and paid social will be the biggest categories, publishers can find room for growth in display ads and possibly in digital audio formats like podcasts.
  • Email Remains 'Killer App' To Boost Reader Revenue For Publishers
    Publishers have learned they can't be dependent on social networks like Facebook or search engines like Google for web traffic. They must control their digital destinies.
  • What Will Publishers Tell The Justice Dept. About Google?
    Publishers and advertisers have complained about the lack of transparency in the digital ad market.
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