• Online Publishing Winners And Losers Of 2011
    Among the winners is portal of the year, Yahoo. The whole category is on its back nine. All three (I don't consider Google a portal) will continue to lose ground, since the 13-year-old-plus crowd looks at email the way we view letters. However, there is plenty of money to grab on the descent.
  • Get That Appointment: Action Speaks Louder than Words
    Amy Auerbach and Jason Krebs recently wrote about the stand-off between the buyer who isn't interested and the salesperson who calls repeatedly for the appointment. It's a classic situation that defines the nature of sales and the need for salespeople who sell smart. The buyer thinks she knows what the salesperson is offering -- but, until the buyer has seen the pitch she really doesn't know what she is rejecting. The salesperson thinks he knows the buyer would need his media, if she would only listen to a pitch.
  • Woe The Digital Sale: 'Call Me Next Year'
    Question from buyer: Do salespeople ever give up? I've had the same vendor calling me now for 10 months. Why won't he take the hint?
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