• 2020 Preview: Publishers Face Daunting Challenges
    From expanding branded-content strategies to more consolidations, publishers must be nimble and tactical in the coming year.
  • Recap: The Top 10 'Publishing Insider' Columns For 2019
    A new decade promises more transformations in publishing. Here is a look back at the most-read stories of 2019.
  • 'Sports Illustrated' Needs Public-Relations Makeover
    The jury is out on whether 'SI' can successfully reinvent itself. But negative stories will continue until it does something to improve employee morale.
  • 'Mnpl StPaul' Columnist Quits Over Garrison Keillor Cover Story
    "This coverage is a privilege afforded to a certain kind of man," Nora McInerny said in a Twitter thread about her decision to quit in protest.
  • Christianity Today's Call For Trump Removal Doesn't Signify Right-Wing Trend
    The 'Christianity Today' editor described Trump as immoral for pushing Ukraine to investigate a political opponent in exchange for foreign aid.
  • Do Freelancers Need to Fear California Employment Contagion?
    In California, freelancers are faced with the possibility of losing their livelihoods because of the independent contractors law.
  • Libel Suit Against 'New York' Faces Uphill Battle
    Former "60 Minutes" reporter Lara Logan last week sued New York magazine's publisher and writer Joe Hagan for $25 million, claiming they hurt her reputation with a story aimed at embarrassing former CBS president Les Moonves.
  • Freelancers Are Right To Challenge California's Gig-Worker Law
    The law limits reporters and photographers to contributing 35 pieces of content to a single publication a year.
  • Sen. Rand Paul Supports Bill To Bolster Publishers, Though Questions Remain
    A new proposal would let news publishers negotiate collectively with digital platforms, like Facebook and Google, over their use of news content.
  • How Google Helps Spread Fake News For 1%ers
    Google has enormous power over how readers discover digital content. Unfortunately, the company also helps to spread fake news because it hasn't created an algorithm that's sophisticated enough to fact-check.
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