• How Trends In Long-Form Content Discovery Affect Future Ad Spend
    Attention spans are shrinking, content has become bite-size, and brands must market for the snacking consumer. But there is still a home for long-form content, and it's growing. In fact, the short-form culture of snippet-driven platforms, coupled with the skyrocketing boost of mobile devices, is actually helping to funnel consumers more effectively to the longer-form content they can immerse themselves in. A resurgence of magazines has begun, digitally. With that boom comes a new advertising opportunity. Here's why.
  • Print Publishers Should Pivot Back To Print
    Numbers don't lie -- unless you're talking about the listed height of pro athletes, or click-through rates on mobile ads. Those aside, here's the math behind this radical proposal for premium print publishers to start selling their online ad impressions to print buyers:
  • Publisher Pricing Fail (in The Open RTB Market): Why Dynamic Pricing Hurts More Than it Helps
    What is your value to buyers in the open market? Hint, it's not your floor CPM. Most publishers aren't in a position to confidently answer this question, and yet as more and more inventory is being accessed via real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges, the answer is becoming increasingly important. The digital ad market is still seeing double-digit growth, and more specifically, RTB is booming and projected to keep growing. Clearly, it's incumbent upon publishers to develop more intelligent pricing strategies to ensure their inventory's price matches its worth.
  • Programmatic Direct: Not Just For The Big Guys
    Publishers give up millions of dollars in high-CPM, incremental revenue because they often turn down small to mid-sized buyers. They simply don't have enough resources or time to close deals with all the buyers who want their inventory. At the same time, buyers are tired of spending time and wasting money trying to make deals through an endless stream of back-and-forth emails with publishers. There is a better way. Programmatic direct, or "automated guaranteed," as the Interactive Advertising Bureau calls it, is not just a solution for large agencies, trading desks and big brand marketers. It can also work for …
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