• Hewlett Foundation Invests $10 Million To Combat Fake News
    Monies will be used to focus on understanding the problem of fake news across social-media platforms, via an examination of where the disinformation originates, how it is spread and what the ultimate impact is on those who digest it.
  • Walmart Removes 'Cosmo' From Checkout Lanes
    The retailer gave in to pressure from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which claims 'Cosmopolitan' is pornography. The attack on the publication and Walmart's subsequent action is disturbing on several fronts.
  • Vox Media Reimagines Homepage With Story Packages
    Recently, Vox Media introduced a new take on what a homepage could be when it introduced its story packages. While the clusters of stories that make up a package aren't technically actual "homepages," they are landing pages designed to capture a reader's attention through related stories.
  • As Mobile Use Increases, Digital Editorial Workforce Is Reshaped
    As readers use mobile phones and tablets for leisure reading during off hours, publications should consider different approaches to content during various times of the week, including digital.
  • 'NYT' Relaunches 'At War' For 15th Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion
    The blog was launched in 2008, following the troop surge in Iraq. It was originally called Baghdad Bureau and quickly became a chorus of voices from the war. As the U.S. turned attention from Iraq to Afghanistan, the blog was renamed to encompass a wider scope.
  • How Will Apple Leverage Texture?
    When the acquisition was announced, many speculated about what this purchase could mean for Apple a digital media company. With Facebook's favor plummeting, and Google's inability to substantiate real news from fake, the opportunity to pull ahead in the digital publishing world seems ripe for Apple.
  • Video Syndication Platform Connatix Introduces Stories for Publishers
    Built on Connatix proprietary tech stack, Stories for Publishers is a stand-alone product that allows publishers to develop and integrate their contact in a social-media-like setting on their own site, where they can control the monetization and quality of their content.
  • 'Seventeen' Transports Teen Activists To March For Our Lives
    This Saturday, Seventeen continues to spread empowerment as it sends 30 New York City teen activists to the March for Our Lives in D.C. Without the magazine's help, they would be unable to attend. The pub's executive editor says: "One of our biggest missions is to support our readers as they use their voices to make change in the world."
  • Study: Journalism's Use Of Virtual Reality Can Increase Empathy
    Subjects who experienced the stories in an immersive setting were said to be interested in taking action and getting involved with a related cause.
  • 'HuffPost' Partners With Hulu To Promote 'The Looming Tower'
    The current iteration of The Flipside offers branded content from the show, including promotional ads, quotes and fact cards. It also uses a series of terms, including "national security,""international politics" and "war on terror," that thematically connect with "The Looming Tower" to collect news stories from Twitter.
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