• Study: Branded Content Sites Win Out Over Portals
    Marketers take notice: If you're looking for active online investors, some of them might be working on their cars. How do we know this? The Online Publishers Association (OPA) just completed a detailed analysis of the demographics and purchasing activity of Web users, creating a new guide for understanding and quantifying the best online advertising environments.
  • Some Advice On Getting Big Deals Done And Surviving Q4
    Here's the clay you need to sculpt a big deal--the larger-than-average ad deal in which media salespeople position their brand and its multiple platforms to creatively meet the communication agenda of an advertiser.
  • Landing Pages: Cheaper, More Productive Than Pay-per-Lead Advertising
    Relying on a third party to deliver lists of leads is frustrating. The situation becomes even worse when paying a third party to identify the Web traffic they're driving to your site. Two options present themselves: one, pay a premium for all (or some) named leads in addition to raw unidentified traffic, or two, concentrate on cost effectively driving as much traffic as possible to tailored landing pages that will qualify those click-throughs at low or no cost.
  • At The End Of The Day
    Business is funny. We want to say what we mean, but it is contingent on the relationship we have with the person we're talking to. As trust develops, conversation becomes more candid. Ultimately, this is the most efficient way to get things accomplished.
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