• Media Mix Vs. Attribution: The Path To Advertising Enlightenment
    The vision of the advertising Holy Grail inspires awe in every marketer. The original quest for the Holy Grail is a metaphor for the path to enlightenment. In advertising as in life, the first step is to know if you're headed in the right direction. In this regard, media mix optimization and attribution management are the lead crusaders.
  • Are Agencies Doomed? DSPs And The Future Of Advertising
    It is fascinating to me that large agencies are investing so much in their own demise. It's no surprise that agencies are leery of crowd-sourced creative. Agencies whose secret sauce is the perception that big clients need expensively produced TV commercials, that only they can make, find it very disconcerting that someone might replace them with a post to a site where hundreds of wanna-be TV directors will be inspired to create a commercial for a few hundred or even a few thousand bucks. But, agencies are investing in so-called demand-side platforms, DSPs, for the real-time, auction-based purchase and management …
  • The Dark Side Of Twitter
    Writers thrive on a dangerous concoction of narcissism and feedback.We like seeing our name in print, and love the feedback loop of comments (both positive and negative). For me, writing is a cathartic process that helps to crystallize my thinking. Having it further refined by all the great comments that come from the readers is icing on the cake.
  • Woe The Digital Sale: Where's The Money Coming From?
    Question from a digital media seller: "So all I hear about ishow much digital advertising keeps growing. But I also hear that clients' overall spend isn't growing. So where is the digital money coming from?"
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