• 'WaPo' Changes Headline Calling For Elites To Choose President
    The column was written by Marquette University associate professor Julia Azari, who explored the idea of changing the electoral process to reduce the likelihood of unpredictable outcomes.
  • China's Expulsion Of 'WSJ' Reporters Feeds Coronavirus Fears
    On Wednesday, China revoked the press credentials of the 'WSJ' reporters as punishment for an opinion piece published by the newspaper.
  • What Publishers Can Learn From Social Media
    Forget the addictive strategies. There are helpful lessons to be learned from social media in cultivating an audience that makes reading a frequent habit.
  • How Publishers Can Improve Workplace Gender Disparities
    Research found that women are better represented at news organizations than in corporate America, though they are more likely to leave their companies than men -- especially at the vice president level.
  • How Much Will Google Pay For Publisher Content?
    Talks are in the early stages, but they may help publishers create another source of revenue as they cope with declining ad sales.
  • Conferences Supply Their Own Perils For Publishers
    The coronavirus claimed its first major victim in the conference industry with this week's cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
  • Bloomberg Racism Controversy Highlights Media Blind Spot
    A podcaster in Atlanta kick-started the controversy by criticizing the mayor's "stop-and-frisk" policy.
  • California Lawmaker Hints At Changes To Freelancer Restrictions
    Freelance journalists who live in California or work for publishers in the state may have reason to celebrate.
  • How Publishers Can Thrive As Third-Party Cookies Fade
    While third-party cookies will be limited, publishers can still use their own cookies to tell when readers make a return visit.
  • Is Podcasting Overhyped Among New Technologies?
    Podcasting needs to catch up to the needs of sponsors to become more viable amid a crowded media marketplace.
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