• Trump Campaign Has Weak Libel Claim Against 'New York Times'
    The press has wide latitude to publish commentary about public figures - that's the essence of democracy.
  • Will 'The Week Junior' Get American Kids Reading?
    Next month, Dennis Publishing will bring The Week Junior, a news weekly aimed at kids ages 8 to 14, to the U.S.
  • Conde Nast's Decision To Limit NDAs Is Positive Step
    The decision is a positive step in getting rid of a common method of silencing harassment victims and covering up bad behavior.
  • Weinstein Conviction Marks Watershed For #MeToo Reporting
    Harvey Weinstein's conviction for sex crimes is a victory for his victims and the reporters who overcame the adversity that comes with investigating the misdeeds of the wealthy and powerful.
  • 'New York Times' Adds London Staff To Drive Subscription Growth
    A new report has lessons for every publisher coping with the loss of readers and ad revenue to digital rivals.
  • 'WaPo' Changes Headline Calling For Elites To Choose President
    The column was written by Marquette University associate professor Julia Azari, who explored the idea of changing the electoral process to reduce the likelihood of unpredictable outcomes.
  • China's Expulsion Of 'WSJ' Reporters Feeds Coronavirus Fears
    On Wednesday, China revoked the press credentials of the 'WSJ' reporters as punishment for an opinion piece published by the newspaper.
  • What Publishers Can Learn From Social Media
    Forget the addictive strategies. There are helpful lessons to be learned from social media in cultivating an audience that makes reading a frequent habit.
  • How Publishers Can Improve Workplace Gender Disparities
    Research found that women are better represented at news organizations than in corporate America, though they are more likely to leave their companies than men -- especially at the vice president level.
  • How Much Will Google Pay For Publisher Content?
    Talks are in the early stages, but they may help publishers create another source of revenue as they cope with declining ad sales.
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