• Palin's 'NYT' Defamation Suit Tossed
    Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against The New York Times has been dismissed by a federal judge on the grounds it failed to show that 'NYT' writers knew they were publishing falsehoods beforehand. But expect more suits from aggrieved public figures in an age of partisan posturing.
  • Taylor Swift Makes Mags Along With Music
    Pop juggernaut Taylor Swift is following in the footsteps of hip-hop recording artist and producer Frank Ocean by publishing her own magazine, or actually two magazines, in conjunction with her forthcoming album "Reputation," set to debut on November 10.
  • Largest Newspapers Lift Paywalls For Hurricane Harvey Coverage
    The three biggest American newspapers are once again touting their fundamental civic role. They lifted their paywalls for coverage of another emergency, as torrential rains have left a large part of southeast Texas in floodwaters following Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall over the weekend.
  • 'WSJ' Steers Neutral Course On Trump
    'WSJ' editor-in-chief Gerard Baker has been trying to steer a more neutral course on the president, in part by pushing back on what he considers overt editorializing by reporters assigned to straight news. But Baker is also omitting any sentences in stories or interviews that cast Trump's presidency as troubled or contradictory.
  • Paltrow's 'Goop' Slammed For Promoting Dubious Health Claims
    Brace yourselves for a terrible shock, everyone. Celebrities may endorse products without knowing what they really do - or if they do anything at all. That's the bombshell message behind a new complaint brought by the nonprofit organization Truth In Advertising against Goop, the lifestyle publication and marketing platform founded by Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. T
  • Zuck Says Facebook Won't Take A Cut Of Subs
    After enduring a rather bumpy relationship over the last few years, Facebook is extending an olive branch to publishers - a new system for selling online subscriptions to Facebook users.
  • Google Works On News Subs, Facebook Bows Publisher Logos
    Google is working on an online news subscription service that will allow publishers to charge readers for content, rivaling a similar service already under development by Facebook. Facebook is trying to sweeten its own offerings with the addition of publisher logos, enabling more specific branding and audience development.
  • Bannon Returns To Breitbart, Revenge To Be Served Hot
    Rght-wing rabble-rouser and erstwhile senior White House strategist Steve Bannon has returned to his roost atop Breitbart News. The move ensures the supply of online vitriol and borderline incitement won't run out any time soon.
  • Cover Story: 'New Yorker,' 'Economist' Break Out Klan Robes For Trump
    While many American politicians have been accused of pandering to white supremacists, few have done it so overtly, or successfully, as President Donald Trump.
  • Bannon Calls 'American Prospect' Editor, Sets His Agenda
    Steve "The Gaslighter" Bannon, perhaps with cigar and glass of bourbon in hand, decided to call American Prospect cofounder and coeditor Robert Kuttner, supposedly to talk about China policy. But in reality, to undermine his boss and issue a series of threats to defenestrate rival members of the Hobbesian madhouse that is the Trump White House.
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