• Publishing Management In An RTB World
    One thing I have learned in 18 years of working in digital publishing is that the Internet is so big that every idea will be tried. Many, many bad ideas along with good ideas are launched and fierce market forces will sort out the winners from the losers. Then the winners will immediately face new competition, forcing them to evolve to survive. One example of this evolution is the metamorphosis of advertising networks developed to serve and track advertising, and then to fill unsold inventory for publishers.
  • Woe The Digital Sale: Data Domination
    Question from a buyer: It seems lately I'm finding it harder to justify buying inventory on premium content sites. So many options exist to buy audiences based on data; I wonder if the content around an ad really matters any more. And the premium sites tell me that they can use data so that is like an endorsement. Is reaching audiences through data the only way to go now?
  • Why Facebook Bought Twitter
    In news that hasn't happened, Facebook has acquired Twitter. Consumers drove this deal not yet struck between two millennial CEOs who will delete their egos and download uncanny common sense to make this merger happen. The combined company may be renamed "Facetweet."
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