• Winning The Minds And Hearts Of Online Marketers
    When I was leading a media sales team a few years back, I had a conversation with a senior ad exec at Microsoft who had a reputation for being "all about the numbers." We were talking about what separated the very best publishers from all the rest, and he said that in the end it's all about the results -- and how well you deliver what you say you are going to deliver. But, he added, you can never underestimate the influence of a salespeople who really act as partners and show that they care at least as much about …
  • Advertising Forecasts Are For Suckers
    The online advertising industry is ground zero for industry analysts who make ridiculous predictions to attract attention. Worse, it is a vicious cycle. The bigger the prediction, the more likely it is to be quoted by venture capitalists, reporters, industry pundits, and CEOs of start-ups looking to raise funding. The more you get quoted, the more reports you sell. So analysts are incentivized to produce ambitious, if fictitious, numbers. Invariably, financial bubbles get created because people ignore fundamentals and start using questionable math to justify their own logic.
  • How New TLDs Could Impact Your SEO
    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced June 26 that it had given preliminary approval to a recommendation to introduce a whole range of new Internet domain names, which would pave the way for a seismic increase in online real estate. Talk about the Internet being like the Wild, Wild West. Along with the extraordinary expansion of domain name choices and opportunities would come HUGE potential for search engine marketing.
  • A Numbers Game
    It's tough going right now for many publishers. You can feel the stress and anxiety levels rising when you look at revenue numbers not being met. And the numbers are everything -- so what can you do to get better, faster, than your competitors?
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