• Study: 11% Of News Websites Spread False Health Information
    Much of the misinformation consists of unsubstantiated claims, such as how vaccines cause autism or marijuana cures cancer.
  • Advance's Project Text Aims To Boost Subscriptions To Individual Reporters
    The idea is to connect readers paying $3.99 a month to a feed of text updates from reporters they follow.
  • Study: Facebook Engagement Jumps 62% For Web Publishers
    Fox News, NBC, British Broadcasting Corp. and CNN were the top content providers by Facebook engagement.
  • Democratic Super PAC Aims To Address Economic Struggles On Social Media
    The goal is to unseat President Trump by targeting voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Wisconsin that were critical to his 2016 victory.
  • 'The Forward' Names 'NYT' Veteran Jodi Rudoren As EIC
    "This is a critical moment for local and identity-based journalism and a crucial moment in the American Jewish story," Rudoren said.
  • Digital Ad Dollars Don't Replace Print Losses For Magazines
    Advertisers cut spending on magazines and related content by 12% to $13.6 billion last year, according to eMarketer.
  • 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette' Cuts Printing To 3 Days A Week
    The "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette," a daily newspaper whose roots go back 233 years, will cut its print edition by two more days amid declining ad revenue and a shift to digital.
  • Facebook Funds Questionable Local Journalism Projects
    Some of the selections seem contrary to the spirit of tackling this country's "news deserts."
  • Study: Subscription Discounts For Delivery Failures Can Backfire
    A better strategy is to offer discounts on renewals, extend or upgrade an existing subscription or regularly take the opportunity to remind customers of what the "full" subscription price is.
  • Dershowitz Accuses 'The New Yorker' Of Trying To Silence Him
    Dershowitz said editor David Remnick commissioned a 'New Yorker' hit piece that cites false accusations of sexual misconduct to damage his reputation.
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