• Google's Lower App-Store Fees Are Good For Publishers
    Google and Apple have taken steps to give app developers and publishers more leeway in payment methods.
  • News Organizations Line Up Against Devin Nunes Lawsuit
    The issue is a reporter tweeting an 'Esquire' story after the congressman had filed a lawsuit. Nunes is claiming defamation.
  • News Publishers Must Have Strategy To Retain Light Readers
    It's better to identify the content they want, rather than inundating them with a barrage of articles.
  • Missouri Governor Was Wrong To Accuse Reporter Of Hacking
    It's ridiculous to mischaracterize a reporter as an outlaw hacker for discovering that private information about state employees was readily available in a web page's source code.
  • News Employment Grows Amid Digital Proliferation
    News and information companies last year employed 142,000 workers, a 73% jump from 2016.
  • Boosting Sales From Premium Content Will Be More Automated
    That may help to remove some of the bias that comes with having newsroom employees choose the stories.
  • Newspaper Industry On The Brink, Losing Ads, Coverage And Staff
    Gutted newsrooms are unable to perform their most basic functions, like covering the police beat. Or investigating allegations of corruption.
  • Facebook's Latest Reckoning: Will Anything Change?
    Consumers love to hate Facebook, but they don't stop using it.
  • Reflections On The Death Of Hershel Sarbin, Industry Icon, Boss And Mentor
    Hershel was a Harvard-educated lawyer and veteran, but he might be best known as the former president-COO of Ziff-Davis Publishing Company.
  • Audio Boom Continues For Publishers, 'NYT' Tests New App
    'The New York Times' launched a new app called "New York Times Audio," where the content will assist listeners in engaging with the latest news, ideas, criticism and stories.
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