• Dear Online Publishers: How About An Advertiser Directory?
    It used to be that virtually all print magazines included an advertiser directory: a list of the advertisers whose ads appeared in the magazine, along with a way of contacting the advertisers. In some cases, the magazine even included a tear-out card that you could mail in, checking off the advertisers in whose product you were interested. A superficial scan suggests that this practice is no longer common even for print magazines. And I can't say that I have ever seen an advertiser directory in an online publication. But why not?
  • It Happens Faster Than You Think
    My father's birthday was this past Valentine's Day. He would have been 80. My father was never going to be 80. When he was 67 - soon after hearing the term "stage 4"- he went to see the movie "Bad Santa" with me and one of his closest friends, Rob. When the movie ended, I went to the parking lot and pulled the car closer to the entrance. While my car idled, I saw through the theater's glass doors that my dad had fallen and Rob was helping him up. I saw Rob a few weeks later at my father's …
  • Less Is More: Long Video Ads Are Lazy And Disrespectful
    In 1994 the FIFA World Cup was played in the U.S. That was the first time that I was able to watch quality soccer on TV without having to find one of the foreign-language channels. However, I was horrified that the broadcasters chose to insert regular ad breaks during the matches. This was idiotic: Unlike typical American sports, soccer does not have regulated breaks, and the action can happen at any time. As a matter of fact, during the final match between my home country (Italy) and Brazil, a crucial goal was missed by viewers because of a commercial break.
  • Programmatic TV: Don't Adopt The Mistakes
    The ability to deliver sight, sound and motion is the first reason why TV rules the media stage. The enormous advantage of having less supply for greater demand is the second reason. The third reason is content. Consumers don't binge-watch Web sites, radio or magazines. Only television content can cause that. To their credit, television broadcasters are looking at ways to get even better at selling ads, and programmatic technology has caught their interest. Here is some advice on how to strategically embrace programmatic without adopting the mistakes that can come with it.
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