• Do You Want To Be Great At This?
    Are you afraid to be great? For some of us, it's scary, for others it's too hard. But whatever the reason, the irony is that being great at your job makes your life easier. So whatever it takes to accomplish this stature has to be worth it, no?
  • Where Do You Want to Live?
    If you sell media, you want to live in Bigdealville. This is not a physical place, but a mental one where you constantly look for opportunities to create an extension of your brand that doesn't exist -- while making your quota disappear. The old guard refers to this as custom publishing; today it is called online sales.
  • Social Media Marketing Aids Online Visibility
    n the real world we turn to colleagues and friends for advice on what products and services to buy; generally trying to avoid the salesperson. Understandably this is why social media is so effective and can facilitate an increase in a marketer's bottom line. No longer do we have to rely only on mass media for our information and advice. Social media (and Web 2.0 technologies) allow us to create innovative targeted campaigns to promote brand and product awareness and can provide us with valuable feedback.
  • New Sheriff Carries A Loaded Pen
    Recently the IAB issued a formal request for research companies Nielsen and Comscore to have their reported figures audited. The discrepancies between the numbers reported by Web analytic tools reading publishers' log files and those by Nielsen and Comscore are football fields apart. The reasons provided for this spread seem to make sense -- but why not validate them or uncover potential flaws through a third-party audit. Either outcome would be good for business, no?
  • How Print Can Add Value Online
    There is a right time and place for everything, and the time to read content in long form should only exist inside the glossy walls of heavily stocked covers. Consumers pick up a magazine because they have the time to slow down, which is why time spent is an endorsed badge of reader commitment in print. But consumers go online to speed things up. So time spent on your magazine's Web site is not nearly the lay-up this metric makes in print.
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