• ITM's Kim Aiello Considers Future Of Newspapers, Advertising
    Print readers are more likely to be focused and to give their undivided attention to content, which leads to greater consumption and elevated awareness of the advertiser's message.
  • USA Today Network Takes 'The Wall' Film On National Tour Following Border Detentions
    The project was an inspiring example of how local news outlets under a larger parent company could come together to create a breakthrough, important piece of journalism. Now, a portion of that project, a feature-length documentary called "The Wall," will tour the country.
  • 'ESPN The Magazine' Unveils 2018 Body Issue, Cover Features First LGBTQ Couple
    What makes the issue so captivating and even poignant is its ability to show the human body as a tool. The naked bodies of the athletes reveal what powers the statistics, thrilling game moments and inevitable celebrity.
  • Facebook Launches Print Magazine "Grow," Says It's Not a Magazine
    Launched in the UK, 'Grow' is nothing more than a "business marketing programme" produced by Facebook and geared to "business leaders," the company claims.
  • As 'Post-Gazette' Cartoonist Is Fired, 'The New Yorker' And 'Time' Show Power of Visual Commentary
    Longtime 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette' cartoonist Rob Rogers was fired after his pieces criticizing the president and his administration were serially rejected for publication. He had been with the newspaper for 25 years.
  • Study: Programmatic Works Best For Publishers On Multiplatforms
    Using the highest cost platform might not yield the best results; a multi-pronged approach worked more effectively.Conditions influence outcome, even for the same site.
  • National Public Media Connects Sponsors With Audiences
    NPR.org banners perform 400% above industry benchmarks for CTR and have a 92% viewability rate. The display units also show a 9.1% interaction rate.
  • 'AARP Magazine' Shows 'Rosy' Power Of Boomer Audience
    Before marketers were scrambling to decode the needs and desires of the gigantic millennial audience, there were baby boomers. And as the boomers aged, their influence remained.
  • Former 'Denver Post' Staffers Launch 'Colorado Sun'
    The 'Colorado Sun' will debut on Civil, a start-up that uses blockchain technology and crypto currency to fund journalism.
  • Magazine Brands Celebrate Pride Month
    Among the pubs participating: Billboard, with openly gay teen singer Troye Sivan on the cover; Paper, with singer Hayley Kiyoko, nicknamed pop's "lesbian Jesus," gracing the cover; and Out (of course).
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