Study: Programmatic Works Best For Publishers On Multiplatforms

Advertising technology provider Visto released a study yesterday highlighting some of the ways advertisers can gain the most traction from their work with publishers. 

As the study notes, on average, 80% of purchased digital ad placement is done using programmatic exchanges, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The results of the study conducted by Visto shows advertisers that use a multi-format plan to execute across platforms and publishers increase their supply path optimization by 10 times.

The study used the Visto Enterprise Ad Hub’s Multi-Platform Optimization tool to compare campaigns running on 50 publisher properties in 10 metro areas through four industry-leading execution platforms built to access premium inventory. 



The study found that using the highest cost platform might not yield the best results;  multi-pronged approach worked more effectively.

Video and display impressions were evaluated across desktop, mobile and video screens side-by-side in real time. Visto found that no single platform performed the best under any scenario and that conditions tended to influence the outcome, even for the same site. 

When comparing differentials between the lowest and highest performers for various KPIs, Visto found the following: a 10 time improvement in cost per completed view on; a six time difference in viewable CPM for ads served on; a $250,000 higher CPM cost for 100 million ad impressions on; and a five times difference in cost per click for

Additionally, the study reported the average advertiser used 4.2 DSP partners for programmatic buying in April of 2018. This doesn’t include channels like Facebook and Google Adwords. Visto’s tool is meant to offer transparency and control across “the programmatic ecosystem,” while offering advertisers “the benefit of unified performance and pacing metrics.” 

Kerry Bianchi, President-CEO of Visto, stated: "Those who elect to use just one DSP, SSP or exchange partner, will unfortunately find one size does not fit all."

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