• Succession Battle Heats Up At Scholastic
    The battle is between the former CEO's sons and a Scholastic executive with whom he had a personal relationship.
  • Report: Facebook, Google Fund Malign Clickbait Actors Through Ad Programs
    Google's AdSense program fueled the Macedonia- and Kosovo-based farms that targeted Americans in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election.
  • Meredith Walks Back Letter Suggesting Des Moines Job Cuts
    When a newspaper reached out to Meredith to clarity, the company filed a second letter on Nov. 19 that essentially threw a manager under the bus.
  • 'Time' Partners With Blockchain Investment Firm To Educate Readers On Metaverse
    The weekly newsletter, Into the Metaverse, just launched. Its objective is to create a shared lexicon and understanding of the idea and the opportunities that are emerging.
  • 'Axios' Expands Its Fast-Growing Network Of Local News Sites
    Axios' 50-person team now has more than 500,000 subscribers and an open rate of between 30% and 55%.
  • Report: Newsrooms Struggle With Hybrid Work, But There's No Going Back
    Organizations are redesigning offices, upgrading technology, reducing desk space/office space and renegotiating contracts with employees to accommodate more flexible working.
  • FTC: It's Time To End 'Dirty Tricks' That Make It Hard To Unsubscribe
    The new "enforcement policy statement makes clear that tricking consumers into signing up for subscription programs or trapping them when they try to cancel is against the law," stated Samuel Levine, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.
  • Court Upholds Large Rate Increases For The USPS
    The News Media Alliance, which represents most of the nation's large news organizations, on issued a statement condemning the court decisions to raise rates.
  • How A 'News Desert' Contributed To A New Jersey Candidate's Underdog Win
    Edward Durr, a New Jersey Republican, had a history of racist and incendiary comments on social media, but no one noticed - until after he won his state senate seat. There was no local watch dog to check.
  • Workweek, New B2B Media Company, Puts Creators First
    Workweek's mission is to "entertain, educate, and connect the business community through unique personalities, unparalleled expertise and innovative operations to make us the world's leading media company."
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