• New Zealand's 'Stuff' Weans Itself Off Facebook Traffic
    News publisher 'Stuff' found that removing its content from Facebook seven months ago didn't affect its web traffic.
  • Antitrust Exemption Would Help Publishers More Than Australian Plan
    Amid calls to emulate the Australian plan, U.S. lawmakers should avoid the temptation.
  • 'Baltimore Sun' Moves To Nonprofit Status, Magnifies Broader Trend
    As local newspapers grapple with declining ad revs, accepting tax-deductible charitable donations could make all the difference.
  • Microsoft Emerges As Unlikely Ally To Publishers In Sharing Ad Revenue
    Its advocacy on their behalf may prove to be beneficial in tilting the digital revenue scales back in the favor of content providers._
  • Maryland's Digital Ad Tax Is Harmful To Publishers
    The tax rate is on a sliding scale of 2.5% to 10%, based on the company's global revenue from any source -- not just digital ad sales.
  • Facebook's Block On News Sharing In Australia Has Familiar Ring
    News outlets likely have seen a drop in web traffic following the move, which was more extreme than the company's past efforts.
  • Murdoch Forces Google's Hand With Payment Plan For News
    The agreement comes as Google faces the possibility of being forced to pay publishers for journalism in Australia, where News Corp. dominates the newspaper industry.
  • Scrutiny Of 'New York Times' Editors Won't Hurt Revenue
    The personnel scandal at the 'NYT' renews criticism that the the publisher is too dependent on a narrow group of readers whose political views affect editorial coverage.
  • Microsoft's Argument That Google Should Pay For News Is Flawed
    "In short, independent journalism is vital to the social cohesion that is essential for democracy," says Microsoft, which blamed Google and Facebook for a drop in publisher revenue and massive newsroom job cuts.
  • Fox Hosts Present Case For Dismissal Of Libel Suit
    All claim their shows featured "spirited opinion commentary." Smartmatic's suit countered the hosts had hurt the company's reputation.
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