• Woe the Digital Sale: Regifting Rich Media
    Question from a buyer: "Websites don't seem to be breaking the norms for innovation in the space, which is scary since DSPs are going to be the way to buy banners. So why is it that all new media ideas are actually rich-media executions in standard banners?"
  • Exposing The Problem With Ad Networks Clients Never See
    I don't own a coffee maker, and I drink too much coffee. Not surprisingly, I have bonded with the people who work at the Dunkin' Donuts around the block from my apartment. This group of employees has been together for a while now, and they are very good at what they are paid to do: take orders, serve orders and efficiently collect revenue to keep the line moving. But that doesn't mean there are never any lines. So when I walked in this morning and the line was unusually backed up to the door, I took notice of how the …
  • I Has Seen the Future -- And We Is Dumb
    Every night around the world, Google ruins countless dinner parties.Humans are competitive beings. They are biologically engineered to argue, and through argument, reach the most effective conclusion. Google has stolen our right to ignorantly argue in a misguided effort to "organize the world's information." Every argument is now a Google search away from being finished.
  • Two Platforms Are Better Than One
    With the Demand Media IPO on deck, the industry is asked again to revisit assumptions about media economics. Will low quality content drive out high? Will crowd sourcing content prevent high quality, professionally produced content from achieving future financial success? As a magazine guy who left the New York Times Company to be deeply involved with founding About.com, iVillage, Beliefnet.com and Mediabistro, I'd have to say no. Quality, actual expertise, and genuine human connections will rise to the top. But I'm not the only one who sees fast-buck media as a short-term starburst.
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