• How Do You Sell Advertising?
    I get this inquiry quite a bit, especially from those readers who have jumped into publishing with a whole bunch of passion, but no experience on how to sell the attention they aim to collect.
  • Customer Engagement: What Publishers Can Learn From Online Retailers
    Online retailers want consumers' money. They create their sites' experience around customer needs almost exclusively. Publishers, on the other hand, want advertisers' money. This sets up a different dynamic than in online retail.
  • How To Make More Money By Not Charging For Video Ads
    Is online where we really want our video served, or is this a case of the advertising tail wagging the content dog? I have been told on occasion not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so let's see how we can put the horse back in front of this cart.
  • Welcome To The Next Seller's Market
    There were a ton of lessons to come out of OMMA Hollywood last week. As the person who programmed the show, monitored each of 40 sessions, solicited feedback on over 100 speakers, and generally took the pulse of the audience on the show's content, no lessons were more salient to me than this: we're officially in a seller's market.
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