• Yahoo Has Become A Litter Box For Online Advertising
    I feel like the woman in that Esurance commercial. Not the one posting pictures from her vacation on the living room "wall" -- the other one; the one who gets "unfriended" and then exasperatingly shares, "That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works." Venture-capital-fueled ad tech companies have convinced traditional publishing companies with rich and successful histories of selling advertising, that they no longer know how selling advertising works. The ad tech collective calling card reads, "This new way is way better than your old way." Better for whom?
  • Native Is Good, Responsive Is Better
    Understanding how to deliver advertising while taking publisher design into consideration is a logical next step for the industry, and will pay dividends for brands, publishers, and consumers.
  • Is 'Trusted Seller' An Oxymoron?
    A former media buyer recently quoted in a previous column said that 95% of ad sellers aren't trusted. As someone who has been on every side of advertising, I'm forced to disagree: that 95% seems low. Trust isn't eroding, as the article purports. It may have never been present at all.
  • You Can't Spell $ales Without Team
    My issue with programmatic buying is that there's not much selling. Publishers don't really set the sale price for their product; they suggest one that invariably needs to be lowered after a buy begins. Publishers have no say on a minimum time or budget commitment either, to access their audience, as those factors are also dictated by the buyer on risk-free terms that guarantee the publisher nothing.
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