• Woe The Digital Sale: Do You Know What You're Selling?
    Question from a buyer of digital advertising: I get so many calls from salespeople and sit in on so many meetings, but sometimes I really think that these salespeople don't know what they're selling. Do they even know what media sales is really all about?
  • Wise Man Makes Same Mistake
    Here we go again. Web advertising executives from companies that make money from the sale of advertising, without producing the content generating the ad impressions sold, will perch themselves on conference stages this month and tell everyone sitting below that what they are now selling is "it" -- the panacea to more effective advertising. Raise your hand if you have heard this one before?
  • You're Not That Interesting
    Within 15 years, every single thing you say and see, and every place you visit, will be recorded. This will dramatically change your life, and in the process raise three fundamental questions: 1. Do we want the power to record and view every moment of our lives? 2. What are the consequences? 3. And most importantly, is a life well-lived, a life well-published?
  • What Makes A Great Salesperson In The Automated Age? Some Answers
    I just finished the book "Talent is Overrated" by Fortune's Geoff Colvin. It makes two key points that can help us answer the question I asked in my last column; "What makes a great salesperson in the automated age? Persistence? Caring? Creativity? Insight?" If prices are set and orders placed in automated marketplaces, how do salespeople add value to the process and move the needle for their employers?
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