• Do-Not-Track Will Benefit Our Whole Industry
    I recently published an article in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that current efforts to protect consumer privacy in digital media were falling short. In any industry, it's always better to be self-critical, perhaps overly so, rather than to assume one's efforts are perfect. I suggested that a more vigorous "Do-Not-Track" (DNT) system might be part of the answer. Some in the industry took strong exception to my thoughts. Fair enough. But let me take just a few minutes to further clarify the points made in my original article.
  • Can You Smell That?
    What bothers me the most about the online advertising industry is the amount of bullshit we shovel into it. Maybe you can make a case this stink permeates all of advertising, but it sure does smell in our little corner of the ad world.
  • Who Gets First Look?
    Advertisers, DSPs and agency trading desks are asking publishers for the first look at publishers' inventory. These clients, in return for bigger buys, are looking for integrations into the ad server rather than private deals through an SSP. The dilemma for publishers is deciding who, among multiple buyers, will get access to the first look.
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