• Publishers Make CMOs Key To Consumer Reach
    Publishers are taking a more holistic approach to marketing - it isn't aimed solely at advertisers and media agencies, but the broader consumer audience.
  • Conde Nast Shakeup Puts Spotlight On Anna Wintour
    The company's restructuring renewed speculation that Wintour, the publishing giant's artistic director and "Vogue" EIC, would leave Conde Nast.
  • Cyber Monday's Sales Results Bode Well For Publishers
    Publishers that have struggled to adapt to competition from digital channels need to consider how commerce fits with the changing needs of audiences.
  • Digital Publishers Waste Money Solving Same Tech Problems
    Common technical standards for the industry may help publishers avoid duplicating their efforts. The money they save could be spent on creating original content.
  • Amazon's New HQs Will Lure Tech Talent In Computing, Advertising, Video Streaming
    Publishing has become a high-tech business, especially with smartphones boosting the consumption of online content in the past 10 years. Digital publishers depend on teams of tech workers to keep their websites and apps running smoothly.
  • Digital Publishers Debate Future As Competition For Ad Dollars Intensifies
    'BuzzFeed' CEO Jonah Peretti caused a stir this week by suggesting his company could merge with other digital publishers to gain more bargaining power with Silicon Valley's tech titans.
  • 'Boston Globe' Makes Smart Move Into Cannabis Coverage
    The newspaper's marijuana vertical aims to funnel a target audience into a dedicated section of the website as part of an effort to boost digital subscriptions. That's a smart strategy, considering pot advertising is highly regulated in every state where it's legal.
  • Paid Subscriptions May Lead Digital Publishers To Profits
    The pay-walling of the internet -- which defies the "information wants to be free" mantra that inspired countless hackers -- will have several profound effects on the digital publishing industry.
  • Scandals, Stock Drops May Hit Facebook Where It Counts: Its Pocketbook
    Investors are discounting its stock to a 20-month low, and advertising executives question the company's morality and safeguards for brands. Such criticism adds to past advertiser complaints about the accuracy of Facebook's metrics.
  • Arkadium Offers AI-Powered Ad Tech To Sports Advertisers, Publishers
    InHabit, Arkadium's AI-powered technology, reads an article and automatically supplies an interactive editorial unit, called a "factive," that relates to the material and is designed to engage the reader.
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