• 'From The Desk Of...'
    Do you recall the days in sales when salesmen (as they were referred to then), would leave a pen on the desk of their clients as a reminder they were there? Metaphorically, the pen would mark the salesman's territory. What do you leave behind after you meet with a client? What is your modern day "pen"?
  • Advertorial Age
    When I was asked to write for MediaPost, I was given only one instruction: "don't make the column too self-serving." Which immediately confused me. Why wouldn't MediaPost readers want me to use the column to peddle my goods and services?
  • Irate
    As media sellers, we try to make buyers feel like our best friends, and buyers try to make sellers feel like their partners.
  • The Prisoner's Dilemma Facing Online Publishers
    With the endless stream of announcements of publisher investments in social media, video production, gaming, and other content sources, it's almost impossible to determine where one publisher ends and another begins. Why are publishers competing on sheer tonnage, instead of focusing on quality and singularity?
  • Tiger's Roar
    I have been looking for my father ever since he took his last breath on Dec. 5, 2003. Some days I look harder for him than others, and some days I am not nearly as conscious of my search. This was the case two Sundays ago, when I sat glued to a couch and a television to watch the final round of the British Open won by Tiger Woods....
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