• Mobile Gold Rush
    Sorry to be so crabby. But I have a bone to pick with the mobile-tablet industry and the media industry that is being sucked in by hype. Many mobile services companies will get rich selling the picks and shovels for this gold rush. But few media companies are going to profit like they could because so few have a serious digital foundation to build on.
  • Woe The Digital Sale: Cleaning Up The Trash-Talking
    Question from a media seller: In an industry where your reputation means everything, how can you abate the damage that someone else is inflicting on your personal brand via gossip and comments to others? When working closely with a "mean girl," how do you circumvent (i.e., avoid) the punitive nature of this person?
  • Sales Mistakes I Made This Week
    I'm in sales and am having a bad sales week. It started with a face-to-face meeting two days ago with a potential new client I assumed loved my offering. So I spoke too much, listened too little -- and by the time I caught the cues, time ran out to close a sale. Every week can't be great, but bad ones are built on reasons. So I looked for some in the mirror. After erasing "you suck" graffiti that didn't come off easily, I found my answers and thought sharing them here might do some good.
  • Things You Can't Undo
    Very few marketing execs are willing to burn their calories questioning the security of their systems and customer data, yet no one is more impacted than marketing when the breach finally happens. Huge security breaches are not the Black Swan you can't prepare for. They are the exact opposite: ubiquitous and preventable.
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