• Welcome To Hypeweek
    The people (or has public relations gone programmatic, too?) responsible for creating and placing press hype for companies in the digital ad space are killing it, and killing me. A couple of recent headlines caught my eyes and made them roll.\
  • Scale Is Important -- It's Just Not Everything
    For publishers, scale matters. Audience size is the key to unlocking advertising revenue, with larger audiences translating to greater marketing dollars. Still, scale isn't everything. It's just the starting point. Today, everyone has scale, albeit with subtle differences. The key, then, becomes what you're scaling, and understanding how to use those assets in innovative ways. By doing so, publishers carve out value beyond audience size and offer real differentiation to advertisers. It's these unique areas that attract them and encourage investment.
  • Best Practices For Converting An RFP Into An Insertion Order
    Ad sellers have an incredible challenge in competing for direct buys from agencies. Of course, getting a meeting with agencies and advertisers is part of the battle in building a healthy buyer-seller relationship. But what about the next step, when the RFP lands in their inbox?
  • I'm Feeling Native -- Now What?
    Everyone is talking about native advertising these days, yet a real definition has not been determined. As such, it's up to each content publisher to define how they plan to execute a native approach that works best for their audience.
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