• Can Social-Media Strategies Work For Publishers?
    Content, community and commerce are key elements in digital convergence. Publishers can develop digital-media strategies that emulate the best of social media and deliver audiences to advertisers.
  • Financial Times' Podcasting Highlights New Strategy For Publishers
    The 'FT' is now developing a more cohesive strategy for how podcasts might work in generating subscription revenue.
  • Will Publishers Benefit From Breaking Up Tech Giants?
    Facebook, which extended an olive branch to news publishers by paying for their content, still sees journalism as ancillary to its business of commodifying people's relationships.
  • Facebook News Isn't Likely To Quell Publisher Complaints
    That shift in ad dollars has forced publishers like Conde Nast, whose titles include 'Vogue' and 'Vanity Fair,' to develop business plans that are less dependent on advertising.
  • Will Facebook's News Tab Help Curb Clickbait?
    Facebook today debuts its "News" tab to showcase news articles selected by a team of editors as part of a broader effort to quash the spread of "fake news."
  • White House's Cancellation of 'NYT,' 'WaPo' Is Futile
    Did Trump really expect to be embraced by the mainstream news media and the Washington establishment after running as an outsider who promised to end the "American carnage"?
  • 'Fortune' Was Right To Keep Kirstjen Nielsen At Women's Summit
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Grammy-winning singer Brandi Carlile and filmmaker Dream Hampton were among those who backed out of the conference.
  • Politically Driven Websites Fill News Void Of Weakened Press
    Michigan is now home to dozens of newly launched websites that are branded as local news outlets - but carry distinct political messaging, without an opposing point of view or impartial source.
  • Publishers Decry Facebook's Power As Social Network Generates Traffic
    While a breakup of Facebook would create more competition for consumer attention and digital ad dollars, it's not clear that splitting up the company would drive readership among web publishers.
  • Gannett Refutes 'Poynter' Report About Ending 'USA Today' Print Edition
    A Poynter analyst cited two unnamed sources with knowledge of the company's plans, which are still unclear.
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