• The Peanut Butter & Jelly Of Publishing Collaboration
    Online publishing can be sticky business. The game keeps changing with the ever-adapting world of native advertising, advertorial, guest columns and shared content. Collaboration between advertisers and publishers is more important than ever. And that's where peanut butter and jelly sandwiches come in.
  • Publishers Need To Scale Back Their Story In 2014
    Online display ad prices for premium publishers will continue to sink for the foreseeable future. That means publishers have to bring change into 2014. I believe that change starts not with a shiny new ad toy, but rather, with a brand new story about the audience they really deliver.
  • Why It's Critical We Get The Definition of Native Advertising Right
    All the noise surrounding native advertising complicates a very simple concept. Have no fear, publishers and brand marketers, native advertising is easy to understand -- and execute at scale -- with the right technology. Native is a great way to invigorate digital advertising, and it's not the least bit confusing.
  • A Creative Idea That Will Give Advertisers What They Want
    Unlike the poetic poise tennis fans pay to watch emanate from Roger Federer or the brute force displayed by Rafa Nadal, when Jimmy Connors played tennis, fans paid to watch a street fight. That's what Connors gave them every time he stepped onto the court. Connors figured out that if he gave fans what they paid for, they left wanting more. After advertisers pay for and run an online display advertising campaign -- be honest, are they really left with the feeling of wanting more?
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