• Online News: Where The Second-Minute Story Counts More Than The First
    With the 24/7 ecosystem of information and content available online, it's safe to assume today's readers know most of the top and breaking news stories of the day before they even reach your site. Perhaps they caught the basics in a podcast on the way to work, on Twitter or Facebook, or maybe in a newsletter or an RSS broadcast. In today's world, how people come across news is irrelevant; all that's important is that if they are interested in a certain topic, they are going to want something new the next time they go searching for a subject.
  • The Trouble With Social Media
    What is the lifespan of social media? Having been working in digital media for 18 years now, I've seen so many social media applications come and go that I wonder if there's a construct through which we can view social media to help us understand its sustainability.
  • Woe The Digital Sale: Where's The Business?
    Question from a digital seller: I was expecting a bit more action before fall hit, but it doesn't seem like my deals are coming through. Last year was easier than this, and I thought the economy was better now. Why am I having so much trouble closing?
  • Why Clicks Will Always Matter
    Clicks will always matter -- and when premium publishers tell clients and buyers they don't, these publishers make the very problem they are trying to solve even worse.
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