• Get To The Top!
    One of the enduring truths about business is that successful managers must have the ability to retain two conflicting values in their mind simultaneously, and to balance them appropriately on an ongoing basis. Bankers must maintain depositor safety and loan out money to risky businesses in order to generate a return for the depositors. Manufacturers must balance the need to maintain or increase product quality while at the same time driving down costs. And successful salespeople must listen well to their clients, but also bring new solutions to clients that they don't even know they want.
  • Woe the Digital Sale: Consolidation -- What's In It For Me?
    Question from a digital media salesperson: "So now that Dentsu is buying Aegis, that leaves five companies controlling the majority of all media spend in the world. Should we be changing how we sell advertising, since the buying side is now so concentrated?
  • Seven Things Making Digital Publishing Better Now
    Now is the golden moment when digital media can really come into its own. To create a new standard in quality digital publishing, we need to recognize it as an entirely new medium and rethink the relationship between content, editorial design and user experience. Sometimes that means borrowing from and improving on trusted old standards. At other times it means pushing into new frontiers. Here are ways that we can approach digital publishing and improve the entire online media experience.
  • The Upside For RTB
    Everybody's talking about "big data." It's the summer's biggest buzzword. Talk about abstract terms like terabytes and petabytes all you want -- I'm a Ph.D. and I can barely tell you what a petabyte is. But here's one element of big data that should rock the collective world of any publisher. Over the next 24 hours, 10 billion bids will be placed on digital display impressions, according to Quantcast. It's a daunting number. But like any huge number that gets thrown around these days, there's opportunity. In fact, that 10 billion number represents 10 billion opportunities. RTB has a huge …
  • How To Create A Content Calendar You Can Stick To
    If you're a content marketer, you know that content calendars are a lot like New Years resolutions: hard to stick to. In fact, both content calendars and resolutions tend to fail for many of the same reasons. Perhaps you committed to a goal that's too big or your support group falls apart. Maybe you just don't know where to begin. Instead of giving up on your content marketing plans, as four out of five people do with their resolutions, make a plan that works for your company.
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