• Will Barstool Sports Founder's Demand For Justice Be Heard?
    David Portnoy posted a four-minute rant and a flurry of tweets blasting the Robinhood app and hedge funds for rigging markets against small investors.
  • Publishers Have Little To Fear From Twitter's Entry Into Newsletters
    These independent newsletters aren't necessarily a threat to established publishers, though the dynamic can vary by type of publication and audience.
  • Publishers Must Remain Vigilant Toward Google's Cookie Substitute
    Publishers fret the planned changes to the company's popular Chrome browser will hurt ad revenue.
  • Twitter Needs A 'Check Yourself' Warning For Journalists
    Err on the side of caution: Writers and editors keep getting fired for their remarks on social media.
  • Australians Can Learn To Live Without Google And Its Empty Threat
    The Australian law would require companies that aggregate news from publishers to negotiate payments for their content.
  • Magazine Covers Still Have Power To Capture History Being Made
    A cover image can define an era even if the more immediate goal of grabbing attention at the newsstand has been diminished in recent years.
  • Consumers Spend Less Time With Ad-Supported Media, Publishers Will Feel Impact
    However, the share of time with ad-supported media fell to less than 45%, a low point in data going back almost 20 years. The decline is largely attributable to users streaming more SVODs.
  • Supreme Court Must Repeal Newspaper-Broadcast Ownership Ban
    The lawsuit, "Federal Communications Commission v. Prometheus Radio Project," centers on the agency's move in 2017 to relax rules on broadcaster ownership.
  • Email Underpins Publisher Efforts To Collect First-Party Data
    First-party data has become more valuable for publishers and advertisers as consumers grow more wary about privacy.
  • 'Axios' Shows How Publishers Are Testing New Revenue Sources
    The publisher will launch a software-as-a-service platform called AxiosHQ to help companies with their internal communications.
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