• Buyers And Sellers: The Benefits Of An Email Diet
    It's no secret that the buy side (marketers, ad agencies, etc) receive a tremendous number of "cold emails" from the sell side (publishers, tech vendors, etc) looking to engage in business. A few digital buyers have told me they will see 50 to 100 on a given day. It has gotten to the point where buy-side players have resorted to working with email addresses that were created specifically to dodge dreaded vendor email solicitations. For example, a digital marketing exec at an automotive brand ditched the corporate nomenclature (first.last@company.com) for a combination of initials plus numbers (abc007@company.com. Has it really …
  • Is Online Advertising Really A $42.8B Industry?
    Last week's press release from the IAB, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, stated that total U.S. online advertising spending in 2013 was $42.8 billion. "More than TV for the first time," shouted the headlines. Let's pull the curtains open on this smoke-and-mirrors total spending show, and see what we really have.
  • Brands, Not Publishers, Should Control Native Ad Conversion Path
    Two themes dominate the online advertising conversation in 2014: native advertising and the emergence of the visual Web. Native advertising has seen marketers scramble to develop go-to-market strategies that best maximize their content assets. With the visual Web -- an evolution driven by an emphasis on visually driven web content -- marketers are turning their attention to platforms like Instagram. While one can debate the relative benefits of a text-driven or image-centric approach to sponsored content, there is one tactic that no one really discusses that the industry should address: Who should control the native ad conversion path -- brands …
  • Apps Optimize Mobile Delivery Of News
    Language is dynamic; it's change pushed and pulled through the technology of each era. The history of news media is riddled with these shifts. So why, then, have news outlets been so slow adapting their content to devices like the iPad on which I'm writing this piece?
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