• What's The Human Cost Of Alex Jones's Conspiracy-Fueled Right-Wing Journalism?
    It is concerning how often far-right conspiracies make their way into the mainstream. The President and his son, Don Jr., tweet links from conspiracy stories.
  • 'NYT,' 'ProPublica' Launch Year-Long Email Newsletter 'Blood Will Tell'
    In the series, Pamela Colloff, a senior reporter at ProPublica and a writer at large at The New York Times Magazine, investigates the case of Joe Bryan. Bryan is a former Texas high-school principal convicted of murdering his wife.
  • U.S. Newspapers Block E.U. Readers Following GDPR
    The burden of the GDPR on U.S. newspapers comes at a time when those outlets need protecting as much as the consumer. Four media organizations noted: "In the context of serious liability under GDPR, publishers will find it difficult to accept these terms. Google is effectively putting a gun against publishers' heads."
  • Study: Biggest Brands Will Lose 43% of EU Audience Data Following GDPR
    "As access to cookie IDs disappears, GDPR could substantially decrease programmatic/data driven-advertising in the EU and threaten its future in the U.S.," Doug Stevenson, CEO of Vibrant, told Publishing Insider. "Publishers will need to rapidly fill their inventory with pro-privacy solutions that do not require consent, such as contextual advertising, native opportunities and non-personalized ads."
  • Women Denied 'The New York Times' Obits Remembered In 'Overlooked' TV Series
    Working in partnership with Anonymous Content, Paramount Television and 3Dot Productions, the Times' series will feature 10 episodes a season, with each episode telling the story of a memorable woman.
  • Po.et Announces Inkrypt, Anticensorship Project
    Yesterday, the open-source, not-for-profit blockchain publishing network Po.et announced a potential solution for censorship of the press. Introducing Po.et Development Labs, the network plans to partner with creators who want to provide solutions for other digital creators.
  • Facebook To Group Publishers' Content With Politically Leaning Ads
    Under the new policy, publishers that purchase an ad to promote a politically themed article will be placed alongside ads from political advocacy groups. A disclaimer will appear with the post.
  • 'Outside' Promotes Summer Sporting, Music Events
    In addition to upping its digital game, 'Outside' is also promoting a series of outdoor events this summer.
  • NatGeo, 'WSJ, Launch Luxe Business Travel Mag 'Far & Away'
    Slated to publish twice this year - issue two appears in the fourth quarter - the magazine will reach 750,000 'Wall Street Journal print' subscribers. Much of the content will also be available digitally at NationalGeographic.com.
  • Tom Wolfe's Long-Form Legacy Lives On In Nonprofit Investigative Projects
    Wolfe, who was famously part of the "New Journalism" movement of the 1960s and 1970s, alongside Joan Didion, Gay Talese and Norman Mailer, helped pioneer the type of deep-reaching, detail-heavy feature writing readers appreciate today.
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