• Salespeople You Can Stand Behind
    We have a quality-control issue on our side of the fence, folks. Not a lot of great salespeople out there right now. There are far more bodies on the street selling media now, then there were before 1998, let's call it, so it's natural for the quality of media sales representation to decrease. But there is something more going on here.
  • Are We Ready For The Next Screen In Interactive Advertising?
    "I always hear about the cellphone as being the third screen, but I think about it as the first one. It's with me all the time." Speaking at last month's Online Publishers Association (OPA) Forum for the Future in London, R/GA Chairman Bob Greenberg noted why the mobile Web piques the imagination of marketers everywhere: no matter where we are, our mobile handset is sure to be nearby. While it is no substitute for the Web experience on our personal computer, it can extend that experience in powerful ways.
  • 'We've Been Talking'
    As media sellers, we do way too much talking on sales calls. We know we shouldn't, we're told we shouldn't, but yet when that imaginary gun fires, signaling the start of a sales call, our mouth starts running like a sprinter seeking a finish line -- but without a clearly marked course to follow. We figure, as long as we're talking, we're getting closer to the end.
  • Zorki's Return
    Every three weeks or so I go on hiatus from writing this column. The last week I took off was March 22, and I was offended by what ran in this space then. "The CPA Wave is Coming" by Glenn Meyers read like a helping hand dragging publishers onto a beach just before a tidal wave. I think CPA is a four-letter word used by advertisers and their agencies to scold "us" like children so they don't have to look at their own failures.
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