• 'HuffPost' Can Find Buyer - After Deep Cost Cuts
    'HuffPost' is likely to record $40 million in revenue this year, posting steep losses with annual expenses of $60 million to $70 million.
  • YouTube Levels Playing Field For Independent News Providers
    Some 26% of U.S. adults said they get news on the video-sharing site, and about three quarters of those people describe YouTube as an "important" news source.
  • How Merger Of 'Variety,' 'Hollywood Reporter' Will Affect Advertising
    Brand identity remains important. It's crucial for marketing to demonstrate the value of placing ads in multiple publications to reach different audience segments.
  • Digital Growth of 'New York Times' Will Stand as Sulzberger's Lasting Legacy
    The newspaper wasn't the first to introduce digital pay, but that step has proven to be the most consequential in the past 10 years.
  • 'New York Times' Must Explain Stealth Edits of '1619 Project'
    The "1619 Project" is worthy of debate, but revisions should be explained.
  • Apple Gives Publishers Another Reason To Go Cookie-Less
    The latest version of the software that runs iPhones could hurt digital advertising rates for publishers,
  • Disagreement About Political Attacks On Media Shows Healthy Skepticism
    While Gallup/Knight's study indicates people are aware of criticisms of the press, it also found people's political views affected their perceptions.
  • How Publishers Can Optimize Digital Subscription Prices
    A new study suggests publishers still can boost revenue without sacrificing total paid readership.
  • Political Leanings Affect News Habits, Opinions On Mail-In Voter Fraud
    The differing perceptions about the reliability of mail-in voting are worrisome, given that any inkling of ballot fraud could undermine any candidate's claim to victory.
  • Revenue Outlook Dramatizes Need For Innovation In Publishing
    Print advertising in the U.S. is forecast to recover somewhat next year, though it will still decline by 6.5% this year.
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