• Apple's Changes To IPhone Tracking Won't Doom Publishers
    Publishers still have an opportunity to emphasize their strengths in contextual targeting and developing audience profiles with first-party data.
  • Filling Gaps In Hispanic News Coverage Can Engage Audiences
    It's an opportunity for publishers to create content that will reach a younger demo.
  • 'National Enquirer' Needs Investment To Rebound From Pecker Era
    The publication has faced steeped drops in circulation to less than 100,000 issues from more than 4 million two decades ago.
  • COVID-19 Inspires Gripping Campus News Coverage
    College officials ignore health warnings. Students ignore health warnings. So campus newspapers are reminding readers: Don't make us write obituaries!
  • Publishers Are Right To Seek Better Deal From Apple
    Publishers' content helps make Apple's devices more valuable to customers.
  • How Local Newspapers Can Boost Digital Reader Revenue
    Can smaller papers adopt a strategy that has worked for "The New York Times"?
  • Ad Blocking Wanes, Though Ad Relevance Is Still A Top Complaint
    The lower adoption rate is good for publishers, even as they work to diversify their revenue away from online display advertising.
  • How To Dissect Google's Love-Hate Relationship With Publishers
    Revenue-sharing arrangements with digital ad giants like Google are only sustainable if the value exchanged between the company and publishers is clarified.
  • Meredith's Lawsuit Against 'Sports Illustrated' Publisher Adds To Magazine's Woes
    The complaint should give the magazine's current owner another reason to re-evaluate its licensing agreement with TheMaven Inc.
  • How Apple's Bundled Services May Help Publishers
    Apple is working on bundling its paid services, including its Apple News+ digital newsstand, which carries hundreds of magazines and newspapers.
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