• Search And Destroy
    If this column comes across as controversial, that was not my intention. If it is read with skepticism, I respect you and ask for your open mind. The following is based on my intuitive sense for selling advertising at rates that match the equity created building a content brand: I think the business of search is destroying the advertising business -- and content publishers are unaware they are active accomplices in their own demise.
  • Tips To Develop Brand Equity
    Having been involved with many Internet start-ups since 1994, there were many times I needed to get tons of advertising sales brand equity on a budget of zero. Here's how I did it.
  • And You Are?
    My all-time most embarrassing moment on a sales call was not the time I got the sweats in front of my boss, my publisher and a room full of Saatchi and Saatchi media buyers while presenting a custom presentation I created. That was bad, but I had an even worse moment...
  • A Guaranteed Prediction
    If you read many or any of the predictions prognosticators have shared recently about the coming year in media, they read like an issue of People magazine filled with stories of lives that have little bearing on your own. So what if Rupert Murdoch buys the Wall Street Journal, YouTube flames out, or AOL and Yahoo merge? How does this affect you today?
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