• Open Or Private Marketplace? How To Decide
    We've continued to see private marketplaces as the preferred model for facilitating programmatic access to impressions from major publishing companies, with new announcements from the likes of Hearst, Federated Media and Cond Nast, along with many that have been in market for over the year (NBC Universal, Quadrant One, etc). However, while evaluating whether or not launching a private marketplace makes the most sense, there are three things every publisher should consider in the context of programmatic selling: relationships, data and transparency.
  • The Death Of Solution Selling? No, Birth Of Problem-Solution Selling
    Entrepreneurially driven new-media companies are redefining our clients' needs for them, not waiting to be told what the client needs. Established media needs to step up to the plate to plug the hole in its leaky boat by taking the same approach. Let's define the needs of the marketers we work with, rather than let others do it.
  • Woe The Digital Sale: Summer's Gone?
    Question from a digital seller: It seems like every year I expect to see some kind of summer slowdown where I can gear up for Q4; didn't happen again. Are we getting ready for a big end to the year for digital advertising?
  • How To Create More Content Without Spending More Money
    Online publishers often generate new content daily (which is expensive and taxes already overburdened writers), then wonder why revenues are flat. Instead, publishers should harness the power of their content to drive subscriber engagement and generate incremental revenue. To do this, online publishers need to better understand their audience's needs and preferences, then plan content that can be delivered in various formats via a mix of channels over time.
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