• An Axios Of Hope
    Now is the time for publishers to figure out what they need to stop doing. There is structural damage that needs to be fixed if this business wants to remain standing. Publishers need to rebuild their entire sites from the ground up. If the idea of starting from scratch sounds impossible, or you wouldn't know where to start, there is a new publishing ray of hope to follow: Axios.com.
  • In A World Of Fake News, Is Advertising Now More Truthful Than Journalism?
    "Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press." Those words are part of the foundation on which this country was built, what defines us as Americans. But that was before social media gave all citizens the ability to send their words out to millions just by clicking a button. Our founding fathers wanted a country where people had the right to question their government. A free press was critical in ensuring that. But a free press has led us to a world of fake news, where that right extends to allowing citizens to say …
  • New Year, Same IAB (Interactive Advertising Bull)
    It's a new year, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau is churning out the same old BS: "Digital Ad Market Soars 20% in Q3, Approaches $18 Billion"
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