• In Midst of Epidemic, 'The Trace' Digs Deeper Into Gun Violence
    Reports of mass shootings have become a frightening reality, with more than 300 already occurring this year. However, the media rarely takes on the broader topic of gun violence. One site, "The Trace," is changing that.
  • Meredith, Time, Inc. And The Threat Of Moneyed Interests
    The Kochs backing in the Meredith acquisition has raised media eyebrows. Will Meredith sell off the weeklies, such as 'Time,' 'Fortune,' 'Sports Illustrated' and 'People,' that don't fit its established editorial aesthetic?
  • Scaramucci Threatens To Sue College Paper For Defamation
    Like a number of his political peers, Scaramucci is turning to the favored new tactic of legal threats to shut down press criticism - even when it's coming from the student newspaper of his alma mater. He's threatened to sue 'The Tufts Daily' if it doesn't retract statements in an op-ed.
  • Publishers Find Ready Market In Holiday Shopping
    As publications struggle to maintain financial stability, if not gains, their revenue strategies become more interesting, stretching the limits of what's traditionally been deemed acceptable in journalism.
  • Another Large Scale Video Ad Bot Network Exposed
    The "Hyphbot" network was discovered in August. The criminals behind the bot scheme used over 34,000 domain names and a million distinct URLs, often carefully disguised to make it appear to advertisers that they were placing ads on high-profile, reputable publications, a practice known as "domain spoofing."
  • Coverage Of Roy Moore, Louis C.K. Scandals Attract Different Audiences
    Not all sexual harassment scandals are equal. So it happens that stories about them can also attract very different audiences, that skew by age and gender.
  • 'NYT' Suspends Thrush Over Harassment Claims
    The alleged misconduct tended to follow a pattern, with Thrush, 50, using his position and reputation to form ostensibly mentoring relationships with younger female reporters, typically in their early 20s, whom he then sexually harassed.
  • Celebrity Mags Mislead Readers On Fertility Chances
    Women's magazines that highlight "advanced maternal age" pregnancies, without mentioning the fact that many have used fertility treatments, are doing their readers a disservice.
  • Ziff Davis Close To Buying 'Mashable'
    An acquisition by Ziff Davis would give Mashable access to more resources as it continues to negotiate its pivot to video, an often rocky transition that has the entire online publishing world scrambling.
  • Moore Threatens To Sue Alabama Media, Too
    Roy Moore has attacked the publisher for reporting allegations of sexual misconduct. He claims the publisher is motivated by political consideration and a desire to profit from the "mob mentality."
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