• Growing Distrust Of COVID-19 News Is Alarming
    Republicans are more than three times as likely as Democrats to say the pandemic has been made a bigger deal than it really is.
  • How Publishers Can Gamify Content To Boost Engagement
    Games can help to keep readers engaged in other ways. Publishers should consider how a gamification strategy fits with their goals of boosting reader revenue
  • Will Media Buyers Heed Vice's Plea About Racial Blocklisting?
    Vice Media called attention to more "blocklisting" - as the focus shifts to racism, police brutality and mass protests. It is asking advertisers to reject the practice and support journalism.
  • Conde Nast Takes Needed Steps To Foster Diversity
    A series called "Training My Double" for its GQ Sports channel on YouTube will be directed exclusively by Black filmmakers.
  • News Publishers Have Stronger Case Against Google
    The group says the Google News aggregation app competes with apps that newspapers develop to reach mobile readers directly.
  • Readers Are More Willing To Pay For News, But For How Long?
    The percentage of Americans who pay for news rose to 20% this year from about 16% in the prior two years.
  • Publishers Face Quandary While Reopening Offices
    'The Post and Courier,' South Carolina's biggest newspaper, is emblematic of the friction that publishers face in asking staff to return to work.
  • 'WaPo' Blackface Story Takes Cancel Culture To New Extreme
    The Washington Post this week published a story that served no purpose - except to help two nobodies destroy the life of another nobody.
  • 'Popular Mechanics' Shames Itself With Anarchist How-To
    Without any hint of irony, the magazine this week urged readers to commit crimes.
  • Local Publishers Face Key Test In Keeping Readers After Pandemic
    The coronavirus pandemic has meant a loss of advertising revenue, but it has also been an opportunity to promote paid subscriptions.
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