• Publishers Can Outshine Social Media With Reliable News
    As Facebook and Twitter scramble to defend their fact-checking policies, publishers have an opportunity to showcase their strengths as brand-safe media outlets.
  • Twitter's Fact-Checking Failures Reveal Serious Shortcomings
    Social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter weren't originally set up to check the factual accuracy of what they published, unlike journalism organizations.
  • How Publishers Can Retain Subscribers After Pandemic Ends
    Publishers can help readers form a habit of checking in with frequently updated newsletters, blogs and columns -- and use features like reading lists to give them a reason to come back.
  • Publishers Shouldn't Write Off Events Business Completely
    Instead, the business needs to evolve as a combination of virtual events and smaller, more regional gatherings.
  • 'NYT' Takes Needed Step To End Third-Party Cookies
    Instead, the newspaper will use the data collected directly from readers to track their visits to its digital properties and show them ads.
  • How An Antitrust Case Against Google Might Affect Publishers
    Google doesn't want to develop content. It wants to host that attractive content so it can capture the ad dollars that would otherwise go to those publishers, claims a Yale economist.
  • 'NYT' Underwhelms With Nitpicking Profile Of Ronan Farrow
    A former 'NYT' editor who oversees The New Yorker's website and has worked with Farrow, lashed out at writer Ben Smith on Twitter, saying the columnist "does the same thing he accuses Ronan of - sanding the inconvenient edges off of facts in order to suit the narrative he wants to deliver."
  • Print Ads More Vulnerable To Cuts Than Digital
    Advertisers plan to cut their print budgets by an average of 37% during the first half of the year, given the health crisis, according to a survey of 38 companies by the World Federation of Advertisers.
  • California's Freelancer Law Magnifies COVID-19 Pain
    California's misguided restrictions on freelance writers, editors and photographers haven't created one new job, and likely have made unemployment even worse during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Publisher Bailouts Likely Will Face Political Opposition
    It's too early to tell whether these pleas will have any effect, considering how unsympathetic many people are to the plight of the news media.
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