• I Wonder
    I wonder a lot about our industry from that proverbial 40,000-foot level. What I see worries me. I see two heavily charged currents traveling in opposite directions, causing our industry to feverishly tread water while appearing like we're moving forward. And I wonder if click-through yields for display advertising have diminished because consumers are tired of clicking ads closed they never asked to be opened? Is it possible that consumers are revolting from clicking on ads because we continue to serve revolting ads?
  • Online Video's Environmental Impact
    Earlier this year, one of the most anticipated 2008 presidential campaigns was launched with a videotaped online message. The event was a good reminder of the power of online video to transform the way we communicate. The adoption of video by the typically slow-moving world of politics also tells us that the transformation has moved well beyond the early adopters and is touching all parts of society.
  • Things Aren't Always What They Seem
    This past Sunday, I watched one of the greatest heavyweight fights of all time. I witnessed crisp exchanges of powerful bombs and perfectly timed counter-punches delivered equally well by each fighter. The resiliency shown by both participants made Rocky look like a slacker. The intensity of the drama drew silence from a packed house and in the end, the reigning champion's arms rose above his head while tears rolled down his face.... Anyone else catch the Wimbledon final?
  • Math Is Your Friend
    If creative selling is driving your business of online publishing, the wheels are made of math. Not the return on investment kind of math that comes to mind first when talking about online advertising metrics -- but rather, a more natural-fitting math connecting your own revenue goals and how close or far you reside from them.
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