• Digital News Subscriptions Grow During COVID-19 Crisis
    The start rate of digital subscriptions was 7.4% for the study period, outpacing the 4% rate of readers who stopped subscribing, resulting in a retention rate of about 96%, per a new study.
  • How Will Federal Stimulus Bill Help Publishers?
    Eligible businesses can use these loans for payroll, health care, mortgages and other debts -- and loan forgiveness is possible for companies that use the money to retain workers.
  • How Publishers Can Improve Their Content Marketing
    A painful crisis also can be a catalyst for innovation as publishers focus on potential areas for growth during the inevitable recovery.
  • Social News Consumers Least Likely To Read About COVID-19
    People who mostly depend on social media for news only make up 18% of the U.S. population, and they tend to be very misinformed about the pandemic.
  • Publishers Declared 'Essential' As Officials Order Business Closures
    News publishers in several states haven't been exempted from those state restrictions, leading press associations to demand that authorities clarify the rules.
  • Conde Nast's Call For 'Cautious Optimism' On COVID-19 Is Good Idea
    The executive memo included a list of positive headlines and news stories for other editors to consider.
  • Local Publishers Face Existential Threat Until COVID-19 Recovery
    For many local publishers, the current health crisis is far worse than the recessions that followed the dot-com crash in 2000 and the collapsing subprime mortgage bubble in 2008.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Spawns Dangerous Online Hoaxes
    Dozens of websites posing as legitimate news outlets have published false information that deceives readers with conspiracy theories and incites hatred toward immigrants.
  • Most Americans Say News Media Provides Good Coverage Of COVID-19
    From March 10-16, the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. surged from 650 to more than 3,000. About half of U.S. adults (51%) said they're tracking news about COVID-19 "very closely."
  • Arts, Alternative Magazines See Survival Threatened By Virus' Economic Impact
    The coronavirus pandemic is hurting local arts and entertainment publishers as major cities order the closure of public gatherings.
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