• Apple News Boosts Readership To 85 Million
    The service is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, even though Apple now has 1.4 billion active devices worldwide.
  • BuzzFeed's Woes Highlight Lopsided Economics Of User-Generated Content
    Publishers need to give readers a reason to spend more time with value-added news and information, and not with freely available user-generated content, the essence of social media.
  • Apple's iOS Update Hints At Apple News Magazines
    Apple News Magazines will be connected to the accounts of iTunes Store users. Subscribers will pay a flat monthly fee for access to hundreds of digital publications.
  • Google May Weaken Ad Blockers, But Too Early For Publishers To Rejoice
    Google's proposed changes likely will spur ad-blocking companies to redesign their software. That will make ad-blocking a continued problem for web publishers that depend on display ads for revenue.
  • Theranos Saga Reminds Us Reporters Can Also Be Heroes
    John Carreyrou's 'Wall Street Journal' reporting was contrary to the hype that surrounded Holmes - and possibly saved lives from her company's irresponsible behavior.
  • Publishers Can Take A Lesson From YouTube
    The coming rollout of high-speed 5G mobile networks will open the digital floodgates for content even wider, which means publishers have the possibility to deliver video ads to readers
  • 2019 Looks Like Another 'Year of Outrage' For Publishers
    Generally, it's heartening to see publishers stir up outrage when it leads to healthy discussion and a higher understanding.
  • 'BuzzFeed' Story Looks Sloppy Amid Special Counsel Denial
    'BuzzFeed' stands by its story, though other outlets haven't been able to confirm the latest Trump-Cohen entry. Also, the special counsel's office disputed the story in a rare public statement.
  • Journo Charitable Gifts From Facebook, Google Should Not Be Celebrated
    Both companies have pledged millions to journalism. Such charity is an ominous sign that publishers face an even more diminished presence among ad-supported media.
  • Tribune Circles Gannett As Hedge-Fund Group Places Bid
    This could be a sign that consolidation likely will accelerate this year as newspaper publishers seek greater scale to compete for digital ad dollars.
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