• Woe The Digital Sale: Switching Sides
    I just got promoted to media supervisor at my agency job. I am starting to wonder about my career path and becoming a media director eventually -- but I'm also intrigued by the secret lives of salespeople. I wonder if I should start exploring sales side opportunities before I get too senior on this side of the business. Would my agency experience prepare me for this kind of position? And is it ever too late to switch sides?
  • Credibility Crisis
    I think the business credibility crisis dominating the news will trickle into your daily professional lives inside an online publishing organization. This crisis can yield a great opportunity, however, if you play your cards straight.
  • Paid Content?
    To charge for content or not to charge, that is NOT the question." People is the world's most profitable magazine. But People achieves its profitability by giving away more content to more readers than any other magazine. Yes, I mean People is giving away print readership. How can they make money when they give away so much free? What can we learn from this about making money in online publishing?
  • In Defense of Al Gore
    Vilify. Then verify. That has become the raison d'etre for the media, with cheap, easy journalism that is downright formulaic: Step 1: Pray for a notable celebrity to have an allegation lobbed against them. The tawdrier, the better....
  • Woe the Digital Sale: Navigating The Truth In A Tricky Marketplace
    Question from a salesperson: I sell a fairly complex product in the "demand side" business -- and even though I think I know the space well, sometime even I get confused with all of my competitors' products. Some companies seem like they have only a business idea and vaporware with no real value proposition, but it seems like agencies are biting. So I've got two questions: How can I make sure my complex product is understood and believed amidst the chaos -- and how do agencies decide who has something real, when there doesn't seem to be any proof?
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