• Making Love to a Gorilla
    If you have ever been to the dog track, you have witnessed a pack of lanky dogs rabidly chase a feeble metal rabbit. I can't help but wonder: How many of us are chasing the rabbit? How many of us are sitting in jobs without an end goal?
  • Are Ad Salespeople Doomed?
    If media is a commodity, will salespeople be replaced with automated bidding and buying? I'm here to calm your nerves. Salespeople and publishers will still be needed and will thrive for the foreseeable future. But how can I be so sure?
  • Woe The Digital Sale: I Can Hear You Calling, But...
    Question from the mailbag: I sell ads for a blog network. We're fairly well known but there a re a lot of us out there, for sure. I call on agency and client media people. And when I say "I call," I mean I dial and the phone rings, but I don't get many connections. Email works, but a conversation would help too. Is it just me, or does everyone have problems with live phone conversations?
  • Why Ask Why When You Can Plan How
    When you learn your site didn't make a buy and then report this news to your sales manager, your manager usually responds by asking, "Why?" Your sales manager must know you could not feel worse about not making the buy, but that going through this exercise of interpreting what went wrong doesn't make things better, right?
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